Turn-key customer engagement and self-service solution. 24-hour remote monitoring & management. White glove on-site installation and multi-year service. Simple onboarding & personalized training.

Creating an interactive customer experience is imperative in our digital marketplace. XPane™ enables you to revolutionize the traditional retail experience through self-service tools that enable you to promote key offerings while entertaining and educating your customers.

A perfect blend of technology and experience, XPane™ will help bridge the gap between your traditional experience and the digital-first interactions your customers crave. Built to compliment any environment, XPane™ allows you to display valuable business information and relevant content on-demand to help influence customer behavior.

With our suite of experience apps, you’ll capture interest and drive engagement to build stronger relationships with your customers. Our market aligned solutions are customizable for your unique business needs. Whether you need to generate leads, enable product comparisons or connect with your customers via social media, XPane™ will enable your business to differentiate your brand while driving growth and increasing sales.

By creating a more convenient and personalized customer experience, your customers will gift you with valuable insights you can leverage to deepen your understanding of your audience. Through our cloud-based publishing solution, you’ll be able to monitor the impact of your applications and content. Quickly and easily adjust your marketing or promotional messages to ensure maximum engagement with your customers based on time of the day, a day of the week and more.

Customize Your Solution

XPane Mini Interactive Kiosk with Black Enclosure XPane Mini Interactive Kiosk with Black Enclosure
XPane Mini Interactive Kiosk with Black Enclosure XPane Mini Interactive Kiosk with Black Enclosure

XPane™ Mini

Kick-start your digital-first initiatives with the budget friendly XPane™ Mini. This 22-inch all-in-one unit is delivered complete with a pedestal and is perfect to welcome guests to your environment.

With our proven technology, you can schedule welcome messaging and key product or service information in a sleek, durable frame to activate even the smallest areas in your environment.

Ideal for corners or next to your traditional welcome center, the XPane™ Mini is also our most portable model. Its plug-and-play design allows you to provide a consistent and noteworthy customer experience at home or on the go.

XPane™ 32

With its customizable frame, the XPane™ 32  enables you to create a seamless, customer-first experience in any environment. Built to suit any location and deliver your brand messages, the XPane™ 32 can be mounted on a wall or presented on a pedestal to create a human-centered experience.

With your choice of orientation, you can offer a fully interactive experience to inform and engage your customers. Ideal for small wall space, the XPane™ 32 will be perfect for wayfinding, a directory or an introductory menu board. Still small enough to travel to meetings or tradeshows, the XPane™ is a self-contained unit that is easy to transport.

The XPane™ 32 will simply and easily display valuable information and content on demand including promotional offers or key product or service information to educate and empower the customer.

XPane™ 40

Our most popular unit, the XPane™ 40 is guaranteed to capture your guest’s attention and immerse them in your content. Perfectly suited to help you completely transform your environment, the XPane™ 40 couples convenience, personalization and self-service in one holistic solution.

Looking to further customize your XPane™? With its easily removable front panel, the XPane™ 40 is the ideal size for seasonal or holiday skins that capture guests attention and help you create and capitalize on your brand’s personality.

Your business will build loyalty and drive sales by capitalizing on your existing content library including product information and highlights, event calendars, promotional offers, institutional knowledge and much more. Combining our proven technology with pleasing aesthetics, the XPane™ 40 will revolutionize your traditional experience and drive engagement with your brand.

XPane™ 55

Go beyond simple marketing and promotion to empower your customers with self-service tools. Built with both quality and experience in mind, the XPane™ 55 will engage your customers on a grand scale. This timeless and holistic solution will allow you to close the gap between customer, employees and businesses needs and limitations.

Customized to fit any environment, you’ll be better positioned to influence your customers’ behavior and bring their experience to the next level. The XPane™ 55 will help you drive engagement and loyalty with self-service solutions such as customer survey’s and registration, interactive menu boards, recognition walls, a photo booth, social sharing and more.

XPane HD Camera Left Side View

HD Capture Digital Camera Kit

Create an interactive experience that allows customers to take HD photos and share them via social media, email or text message.

This easily removable camera makes adjusting the functionality of your XPane™ simple and easy. It’s adjustable position and widescreen frame are ideal for capturing your guest’s memories.

XPane Stationary & Mobile Pedestals

Freestanding Pedestal

The XPane™ can sit perfectly on either a Mobile Pedestal or a Stationary Pedestal. If you’re looking for a mobile solution to take your XPane™ 32, XPane™ 40 or XPane™ 55 on the go or move it easily around your environment, the Mobile Pedestal is a sleek option for adjustable mounting in either orientation.

Looking for a semi-permanent option? Display your XPane™ 32 or 40 on a Stationary Pedestal that is designed for static mounting of the XPane™ in either orientation.

29732752 - television screens on black background with copy space

Live TV Connector

Optimize your XPane™ display to connect to the programs your customers want to see. Connect to live TV to intermix with your marketing messages. The XPane™ is compatible with most cable providers or can integrate with an antenna to provide an optimal programming experience.

RFID & Barcode Reader

Identity Reader

Connect your audience to the content that is most relevant to them with an identity reader! With a barcode or RFID reader, you’ll enable your customers to check in with their loyalty cards or allow your employees to view their schedule or complete training assignments.

Our identity reader connects with a variety of technologies to take self-service to a whole new level. Triggering a simple sales presentation to aid in customer service or further optimize your XPane™ to create a more personalized experience by presenting relevant and contextual content for an individual.

XPane Sun Visor

Outdoor Enclosure Kit

This upgraded enclosure ensures that your XPane™ can stand up to environmental changes. As a rugged enclosure, it’s high-quality will stand the test of time. With additional durability and climate control, this versatile solution will permit the use of your XPane™ in direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Every XPane™ Includes 3 Standard Apps:

Universal Content Manager Edit Record Screenshot Universal Content Manager Edit Record Screenshot

Universal Content Manager

As your standard digital signage app, UCM is ideal for broadcasting a wide array of content in a variety formats. Upload and schedule content such as promotions, announcements or welcome messages to drive engagement. Assure that your messages are delivered to your customers in the most eye-catching format, reduce your costs and remain in complete control of your brand, content, and message.

Control Panel

Control panel allows clients to create intuitive navigation, activate applications and manage your XPane™ & accessories. The Control Panel also allows you can monitor platform engagement and view reports & analytics. The simple, easy-to-use interface allows you to track and leverage your XPane™ data including app engagement, conversion rates and more.

Feed Broadcaster

The Feed Broadcaster gives you the ability to optimize your existing content library along with external data sources. Enhance your XPane™ to display live TV, RSS feeds, your company event calendar or other available aggregate content. Attract an audience and keep screens fresh by automating the flow of ready-made content to your XPane™.

Enhance your experience & drive the success of your digital
communications with our most popular applications.

Poppy Hills Weekly Calendar Poppy Hills Weekly Calendar


Ensure your customers stay up-to-date using our customizable calendar application. Promote your upcoming events including meetings, webinars, conferences, promotion dates, special programming and more. Encourage your customers to engage with your events by enabling on-site registration, social sharing, and email calendar invites. Customers can toggle between monthly and weekly views and sort based on event types to ensure maximum exposure.

Farmington Farms Celebrates Alice Bowl Farmington Farms Celebrates Alice Bowl
TPC Celebrates Member Birthdays TPC Celebrates Member Birthdays


Celebrate employee anniversaries, welcome guests to your environment, thank sponsor and donors or promote your organization’s achievements with the Celebrate app.  Customize your achievement with your brand, a background image, headline and message. Want to display an anniversary listing instead? No problem. Dates can be displayed in a list format allowing you to feature more than one announcement at a time.


Ensure maximum exposure of your digital content with the Chapters app. This app utilizes your existing content such as images, videos, webpages or other integrated applications to create a seamless experience. In broadcast mode, content will be scheduled and sequenced to appear in a rotation. Or enable interactivity to allow your customers to select and engage with the content most relevant to their needs.

Relay or Life Location Map Relay or Life Location Map
MHO Location Map MHO Location Map

Location Explorer

Have multiple locations? The locator app allows your customers to find additional stores in their area, filter locations by their needs such as available products or inventory while improving intra-location communication.

Menu Board

Put your best foot forward and attract your customers’ eye with digital menu boards. These dynamic boards allow you to customize your menu as granular as each meal per day. Create a seamless dining experience by feature time-sensitive offers, meal specials and integrate with your POS system for ease-of-ordering.

Evogence branded Pick Two Application Interface Evogence branded Pick Two Application Interface
Sharon Hospital Level 1 Directory Sharon Hospital Level 1 Directory

Pick Two

Further engage and entertain your visitors with Pick Two! Empower your customers with a simple and easy game that helps them to train their brain and build up their short-term memory. Drive additional interaction with your brand by offering prizes a winning game or incentives for sharing their experience on social media.

Special effects, retouching, filters Special effects, retouching, filters

Photo Booth

Make a lasting impression with our HD camera kit and photo booth application. Using custom e-cards you can transform customers into brand ambassadors. With our social media connectors, your Photo Booth photos can be shared directly to your business’ Facebook page.

Want to take your Photo Booth to the next level? Our enhanced Photo Booth application allowed you to employ addition post-production tools such as special effects, retouching, and filters to your photo booth.

Product Wizard

Prioritize self-service in your environment by allowing your customers to configure their experience using an interactive product selector. Help stimulate your sales by featuring best sellers or excess inventory. Seamlessly organize and categorize your products to enable customers to filter for their preferences. Empower customers to interact with your offerings, make product or service comparisons and make purchasing decisions.

Farmington Our Champions Recognition Board Farmington Our Champions Recognition Board

Recognition Board

Digitalize your recognition walls or trophy areas and grab your customers’ attention with a Recognition Board! The easy-to-use interface allows you to make changes anytime, anyplace and ensure you acknowledge your best donors, partners, or notable alumni.

TPC Sign-Up for Subscription App Interface TPC Sign-Up for Subscription App Interface


As an invaluable lead generation tool, the Registration app allows you to capture customer information for events, surveys or memberships. Using the Registration app, you’ll ensure that you never miss an opportunity to communicate with your most loyal customers and engage your target audience.

Spin the Wheel

Gamify your customers’ experience with exciting promotions and prizes. Include custom high-value prizes and promotions to entice the customer to engage with your brand now and in the future. Spin the Wheel allows you to schedule winners based on your available inventory or promotion availability. Incentivize customers to try their luck on their next visit and share their experience with their networks to give your business additional exposure and increased brand awareness.

Spectrum Story Wall with Holiday Card Opened Spectrum Story Wall with Holiday Card Opened

Story Wall

Engage customers with interactive cards that feature your organization’s history, clients, successes, locations or other company or product highlights. Empower your customers to learn more about your business while educating and entertaining them in your environment. With a plethora of eye-catching themes, you can customize your store to fit your unique business needs and your desired experience.

Sharon Hospital Level 1 Directory Sharon Hospital Level 1 Directory

Wayfinding & Directories

Based on your floor plans, our wayfinding and directories app provides a customer experience for every environment and occasion. Simply upload your floor plans, add routes and pinpoint fixture locations to provide helpful information to your visitors. No matter the size of your environment, the Wayfinding app helps you provide a seamless experience.

Business News

Deliver business news for your region and language by selecting a beautiful ready-made design theme or integrate the headlines and photos into your own design. Reuters News is one of the most respected news sources on the Globe and your feeds will be updated throughout the day, every day with fresh news to attract attention to your screens.

Entertainment News

The latest celebrity and entertainment news from around the globe with coverage for several regions and in many languages.

Healthy Bites

The Healthy Bite library is filled with four health categories: Healthy Eating (nutrition), Fitness Focus (exercise), Your Health (medical, germs, disease), Total Wellness (stress, mental well-being, holistic living). Each piece is delivered unbranded and provides an opportunity for you to brand the feed or offer content sponsorships. Clips are always 15 seconds in duration and Images can display for 10-15 seconds.

Health News

Deliver useful news that really matters to your audience with health news feeds which cater to either the consumer or professional audiences. Each feed offers global coverage of the latest in the world of medicine, pharmaceuticals, and trends in the fast-evolving health and wellness industry.

National News

Unique ready-made designs from one of the most respected news sources. Feed are available for the following countries and launguages: Middle East (Arabic), Brazil (Portuguese), Canada (English), Australia (English), France (French), Germany (German), India (English), Japan (Japanese), Latin America (Spanish), South Africa (English), Spain (Spanish), UK (English), US (English), China (Simplified Chinese), Hong Kong/Taiwan (Traditional Chinese)

Sports News

Deliver the biggest U.S. and Canadian sports stories with a moderated selection of public-appropriate stories with headlines written by editors specifically for digital signage and the most beautiful HD imagery available.

The List

People love to be up-to-date on “the best of the best” in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, so feed their appetite for the latest and greatest with this eye-catching and engaging Top Charts list.


Give your audience a reason to watch your screens with current, local traffic conditions for your area. Coverage for metro areas in North America and Europe. Graphic set includes choices of top ten routes, top 6 routes with forecast, traffic map, or traffic map with top 10 routes.


Beautiful, localized weather graphics available in several styles and languages draw attention to your screen and provide value to the audience. Available in Celsius or Fahrenheit worldwide in 10 different languages. This feed includes graphics for Current Conditions, Hourly Forecast, 36-Hour Outlook, & Extended 5-day Forecast. When weather advisories are issued the graphics change to communicate the advisory message (US only).

World News

Deliver relevant news for customers in a selection of languages. Choose one beautiful ready-made design theme or integrate the headlines and photos into your own design. You’ll get fresh news every day to attract attention to your screens.

view of young attractive people working together at the office

Onboarding Services

Our unique onboarding package, includes training and content management guidance along with initial content population and app configure.  Additionally, our team will facilitate yourXPane™ deployment, project management and coordinate tasks between your internal teams to ensure the success of your launch.

designer moving hands working with laptop computer and digital web disign diagram as concept

Ongoing Content Management

If you’re working with limited bandwidth or technical knowledge, our team of content and creative experts can help you to expedite and simplify your XPane™ experience. We will work to optimize your content library for your XPane™ by gathering, aggregating and developing content to ensure that you maintain the highest level of customer and engagement and self-service.

young man doing some design work in a desktop computer with a pen tablet and color swatches as seen from above

Creative Services

Are you looking to provide a one-of-a-kind experience? Our team is dedicated to helping you put your best foot forward and will design an eye-catching experience that reflects your vision. We can design an implement custom themes and templates to create the ideal customer experience that reflects your unique brand.

app development concept closeup on laptop screen in modern office workplace. toned image with selective focus. 3d render.

Custom App Development

Would you like to further enhance the features or functionality of your XPane™?If you don’t see your idea in our arsenal of applications, we can expedite app development to build you a custom and seamless XPane™ experience. Utilizing our existing technology and deep understanding of the platform we can make your vision come to life.

two young male and female designers working together,

Integration Services

Automate and streamline the information delivery between the XPane™ and your back office applications. Our capabilities include but are not limited to integrations with calendars, POS systems, inventory management solutions, marketing systems, CRM solutions and more.

Not convinced?


of retailers note that maintaining store processes/training in a high employee turnover environment is a top operational challenge.


of retailers agree that in-store technology helps the business compete with the online experience.


of retailers believe that the success of their physical stores will continue to erode unless they find a way to incorporate technology into the store experience.

— RSR Research 2017

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