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Customer Experience and Loyalty Server with Behavioral and Transactional Rewards Management

Modern Computes, Successful Students

Communicate, educate, inspire. Spread knowledge to make students smarter and teachers better

 We see more and more digital screens, wayfinding kiosks and recognition boards are deployed in campuses across the globe and with good reason. It’s a technology that can reach a very large and diverse audience in a very cost effective manner. Digital devices are also quite versatile. You can use them for menu boards in cafeterias, information boards in lobbies and common areas, in gyms for sporting events and for wayfinding across the campus.

Evogence powered digital networks can do it all, and more! Our software can be integrated into automated notification systems so you can send out instant alerts and emergency messages across your entire network.

Should the need arise, our applications will alert staff and students by interrupting any programmed content and displaying your own custom messages. We offer peace of mind and better value.

What the solution does for you

Deliver important announcements as they happen

Personalize visitor greetings and guest announcements

Advertise bookstore, café and library offerings

Show volunteer opportunities and community outreach programs

Celebrate successes, empower employees with recognition displays&video walls

Navigate to classrooms, show campus maps and shuttle bus tracking

Who benefits from the solution

Marketers, market researchers, sales managers and faculty members, as well as executives all use insight communities to gain a deeper understanding of audience and gather actionable insight to make better business decisions.

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